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I work with individual writers and groups, as well as education publishers and providers. 

In my role as writing facilitator, I offer lively and supportive creative writing workshops via my online business, WriteClub. I also deliver one-to-one mentoring for new writers, leading them from first explorations in free writing to full published novels. My clients include novelists Jay Giebus, Susie Nott-Bower and playwright, Anita Maccallum. I recognize the potential in everyone I work with and aim to support them in setting their writing free.

In my education consultancy work, I specialise in English Literature and Language and have worked extensively with BBC Bitesize, BBC Teach, Poetry By Heart, Teachit, York Notes and more.

I’m patient, adaptable, and professional and am ready to help you reach your goals. Get in touch today so we can start working together.

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Write Your Novel

I am passionate about supporting writers and creating community. This online novel writing course is structured in three 12-week parts. With regular workshops on craft, plus dedicated feedback groups and accountability sessions, you can expect to get your words out! Register now for course starting Jan 2022

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Your Story

If you're wanting to write your life story, get some support from me and a dedicated team of memoirists at WriteClub. This 12 week course offers workshops on the writer's craft, regular feedback and a private forum for sharing your work and ideas. Starts

Thurs 9th Sept 10am-12pm 

Al's knowledge and passion shine through - the relaxed yet engaging approach and useful analysis of how, when and why I write had me gripped from the beginning! I've made huge progress in honouring my practice and making a regular dedication to writing. 

Lottie, Writer

Al provides a great space with creative exercises and prompts that always provoke different thoughts and writing.

Pamela, Nurse

Al is a fabulous host and sets firm boundaries so everything gets covered. She is encouraging and gives clear information and instruction. I'll be taking more of her courses

Liz, Writer

Alison is most generous in reading and responding to each writer’s words and creates a positive, uplifting and generous environment for writers at every stage of their craft. I thoroughly recommend Write Club to writers of every kind, whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry. My children’s novel, School for Nobodies, was immensely improved in the Work In Progress sessions – and found both an agent and a publisher.

Susie Nott-Bower, Novelist

Al fizzes with energy and enthusiasm for writing, and for the creative process in general.  Her great talent is in empowering people to unleash the imagination we all possess – but which few of us find ways to regularly express.

Louise, Copywriter

Al is outstanding at making everyone feel welcome and included. Her genuine enthusiasm for all our words is truly encouraging. She is always well prepared with well thought out and engaging prompt materials that can range from provocative to comforting.

Diane, Teacher

Al is like a vitamin shot!

Tamako, Translator

The welcoming space that Al creates for writing is invaluable. The structure and pacing allows you to turn up at the page as you are, and play with spontaneity in a no pressure environment. 

WriteClub course participant 


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