'Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.' - Rumi

I offer a range of engaging and interactive workshops for different audiences and work regularly with school groups, teachers and writers. 


WriteClub is a monthly creative writing group that I run in Bristol and Bath with fellow novelist Emily Koch. Sessions are friendly, supportive spaces for writers to come and find inspiration, meet like-minded people and enjoy some precious writing time. 

Everyone is welcome - whether you're an old-hand scribbler with stacks of stories to your name or you haven't written more than a shopping list in years, come and join in the fun. 

Each session will offer a series of activities designed to stimulate your imagination and get creative juices flowing. Expect a bit of movement, improv and possible silliness. There will be timed writing and reading opportunities, all with prompts and instant feedback. You'll leave the session with new ideas to follow-up and develop.

***We are holding a one-day retreat on May 13th at HOURS Space in Bristol. Full details and booking via the WriteClub website: www.writeclub.org.uk***

Yoga and Creativity

I am particularly interested in the connection between yoga and creativity. I've been practising yoga for many years and recognise the similarities in the flow state that comes about from dedicated practice and the state of 'being in the zone' when I'm writing.

Working with Ash Bond of Flying Monkey Yoga in Bristol, I am pleased to offer weekend retreats that combine yoga, writing and massage.

Our next retreat is in January 2019. Full details here.

The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way is a 12 week programme in rediscovering your creative self. It is a journey of transformation, reconnection and great beauty. 

I first completed the programme in 2013 and experienced huge shifts and positive change in my life as a result. Since then I have worked with several groups of recovering artists, guiding them along the Artist's Way with weekly meetings and email support.

If you'd like to embark on this journey and would like a helping hand, please do get in touch. I can offer weekly check-ins by Skype or phone plus ongoing support by email as you work through the tasks in the programme.

What's involved?

You will begin a process of daily writing, starting each morning by free writing three sides of A4. Each week you are encouraged to take yourself out on an artist's date - to a museum, a class, for a walk...to do something just for you. There are also tasks each week to help you delve deeper into your creativity and uncover the blocks and inner critics that may have held you back in the past.

Why do it?

People who complete the Artist's Way report feeling more connected with their creativity. They feel more present in their work, more confident in their artistic practises, more connected to the world. 

Many people start the Artist's Way, but for whatever reason, don't make it through. Having support can really help to keep you focused and stay with the programme to the end. 

"For me The Artist Way was an amazing opportunity to help me to listen to my subconciousness and take steps into leaping into the void! It was an opportunity to be open and honest with myself and have confidence to 'create' and have exciting new experiences. The journey has definitely enhanced my life and boosted my confidence!" - RH